Ten commandments for the parents

During the 26 years of medical practice we faced with many stories. Below prepared recommendations of parents who have addicted children. You can provide a child with support and understanding during their recovery process.
  • Thou shall not expect your child will follow your steps or be the way you want him to be. You shall help him become himself, not you.

  • Thou shall not demand payback from your child for everything you have done to him. You gave him birth how can he be thankful for it? He will give birth to someone else, and it will be continued, this is inevitable law of gratitude.

  • Thou shall not wok off your bad temper on your child so not to have it returned in future. Wherefore as a man sows, so he shall reap.

  • Thou shall not treat his concerns with disdain. Life is given to everybody upon his power, and believe that he experiences difficulties no less than yours and maybe much more inasmuch as he has no experience.

  • Thou shall not humiliate!

  • Thou shall not forget that the most important meeting of human-being is his meetings with children. Pay greater attention to them, we never know whom do we greet in child.

  • Thou shall not torture yourself if you can’t do something for your child. Torture if you can but you don’t do. Remember that it is not done enough for the child if it is not done completely.

  • Child is not tyrant that invades your whole life, not just one’s flesh and blood. He is that precious bowl that LIFE gave for storing and developing creative flame. It is unfettered love of mother and father that will bring up not ‘our’, ‘my’ child but the soul that was given for the storage.

  • Thou shall be able to love another person’s child. Thou shall never do as you would be done by.

  • Thou shall love your child whoever he is – not talented, not lucky, adult. Be happy when talking to him, because a child is a holiday that is yet with you.

Remember! In order to help your close one who is drug addict, one must be:

  • Tough but not cruel.
  • Patient but not amenable.
  • Attentive but no persistent.
  • Loving but not forgiving.
It’s a long path but being supportive and patient you can help your child to recover from the drug addiction.
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